Response to the Verdict in Minnesota

Response to the Verdict in Minnesota

Nearly a year ago, the murder of George Floyd sent hundreds of thousands of Americans to the streets to protest for justice for Black lives and to denounce the systemic racism that has been plaguing our nation since its inception. Yesterday, we were presented with a verdict that the officer who committed the murder was guilty on all counts.

This is one instance of accountability being served, but it is not justice. George Floyd and the countless other Black lives that have been taken by police will never be restored. This is why we must continue to speak out against the racist, white supremacist structures that are holding us back as a people. We must lift up our commitment to community-led solutions and actions that will lead us to justice. We must be mindful that the roots of systemic racism run deep and the work ahead is significant. We must also remember that our community is strong, is resolute, and is united to build a future that is just for our children and for ourselves. 

To that end, Launch is implementing a series of community-recommended actions to support our students, families and staff not only in the days to come but also in the months ahead including a BLM year of action for the 2021-22 school year. 

We want every student, family, staff member and member of our expanded community to hear loud and clear that Black Lives Matter, Black History Matters, and Black Futures Matter. We see in our students and in our community the genius, joy and promise of a more just, more peaceful and more harmonious society. We embrace the work ahead with purpose, with pride, and with hope for a better world.

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