Meet our New Co-Principals!

Launch is transitioning to a co-principal (two principals) model to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality support to students and families daily.  In the spirit of crew, we promise that your child will grow to be a leader of their own learning, reach new academic heights, and be prepared to build a better world in their community and beyond.

Meet Ms. Leake: 

Photo of Amanda Leake

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Amanda Leake, and I am excited to be moving into the Co-Principal role this upcoming school year. I am a proud resident of Bed-Stuy and truly value working in a neighborhood that I live in and love.  Outside of school time you can find me frequenting my local Black owned bookstore or enjoying downtime with my ten-year-old son, Conrad. 

Describe your path to becoming a co-pricnical at Launch.

I came to Launch as a career transitioner and began my education career at Launch as a passionate special educator in ELA and have served in various leadership roles, including Literacy Specialist & Director of Instructional Coaching for Equity & Impact. For the last seven years, I’ve been a committed member of the Launch community, working to fulfill our vision and mission in partnership with our families and in service of our students. Every day I grow a deeper appreciation for the impactful and exciting work I do with children at school. As a leader, I want to continue to look at both the purpose and the possibilities of our programming for our students to ensure that we provide a rich, student-centered, academically rigorous, and culturally affirming experience for all. 

What will your role look like this year?

I oversee culture at Launch and as one of the Co-Principals I ensure that everything at Launch is the highest quality.  I manage the Restorative Justice team and set the vision for who we want to be as a community including management in the active classroom (MAC), and other school-wide behavioral systems and procedures. I lead the Instructional Leadership Team to drive the annual Work Plan vision and oversee the literacy chair role at Launch to ensure a strong culture of reading at our school. I set the coaching vision for the school to ensure that the work we are doing supports teachers and is aligned to our larger work plan vision. 

What are you most excited about?

I look forward to co-creating opportunities with our school community and providing an education that activates and empowers our students to be leaders, learners, and liberators.

Meet Ms. Kenlock: 

Shamikah Kenlock

Tell us about yourself:

I am Shamikah Kenlock. I am grateful to move into the Co-Principal role for the upcoming school year. When I am not at Launch you can find me, at a cafe reading a book or finding different places to visit around the country. 

Describe your path to becoming a co-pricnical at Launch.

Twelve years ago I participated in a gap year program with Americorps and I have been working in education ever since. I have held various positions at the school from self-contained teaching assistant to lead Social Studies teacher. I have held several teacher leadership positions from department chair to grade level chair.  Most recently, I was the Assistant Principal of Student Achievement.  As I now step into my tenth year of working at Launch, I believe more deeply than ever in our mission to ensure that all students achieve at optimal levels. As a leader, I want to continue to push student achievement with the help of families and community partners. I believe it is integral for educators to support the development of informed citizens, who can change their communities and ultimately the world. I am incredibly appreciative to continue my journey as part of the Launch community. 

What will your role look like this year?

I oversee student achievement at Launch to ensure that all students are achieving at high levels in all three domains of student achievement: mastery of knowledge and skills, character and high quality work.  I work with teachers and leaders to use data to drive instruction. I run some of our key structures at Launch that help build belonging including Crew and Student Led Conferences.  It is my job each day to make sure that all students achieve more than they thought possible.  

What are you most excited about?

I want to continue to push student achievement with the help of families and community partners.

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