Our Student Activists Perform a Walk Out Inspired Poem

Our Student Activists Perform a Walk Out Inspired Poem

Because I’m Black
By Nevaeh Bryan, 8th Grader

Because I'm black I’m armed
Because I’m black I’m dangerous 
Because I’m black I’m in a gang 
Because I’m black I steal 
Because I'm black I don't deserve a future 

Is this what you think when you see me walking down the street?
Violence is taught; it invades the brain and then you can't escape. 

Because I’m black I’m stuck in this system
Because I’m black if I try to escape, I die 

Because I’m black I’m different 
Because I’m black I’m an outcast 
Because I'm black I don't get the same opportunities 
Because I’m black I’m afraid to be in my own skin 
Because I’m black I’m not safe
Because I'm black I wake up in sweat and tears 
Because I'm black I hear gunshots in front of my house

These are all the things that run through my mind 
And it hurts
Because I’m black do I deserve this?
Should I run? 
But running isn't going to change anything; it’ll just make it worse.
I’m suppose to be free, but it still feels like I’m a slave 
in a society where you’re separated based on your color.
I'm a young black girl, 12 years old; people say as a child your life is suppose to be all cupcakes and rainbows, that we don't get it
 We don't understand 
But I see the problem clearly 
Because I’m black does my darkness scares you
Because I’m black my skin is my strength 
Because I’m black
My words are my gun

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