Join the Student Movement to Stand Up Against Racism

Join the Student Movement to Stand Up Against Racism



Join us in a student-led movement to raise awareness about racial injustice and inspire others to take action safely!  Together we will make lasting systemic change!

“When Launch sees an issue, we are ready to solve it!”- Celine, 8th Grader  

Celine is right, and that is why Launch students created a movement to lift up the voices of the youth worldwide! 

Students, alongside their incredible art teachers, have decided to use their creativity to stand up against racism - JOIN US!  

  1. Visit our website ( to purchase merchandise with our student artwork on it.  All proceeds from your purchases will be donated to three different organizations: Neighbors in Action, Color of Change and Black Lives Matter.  We believe that all of these organizations are fighting to end systemic racism, stop police brutality and beautify our neighborhoods - our contribution will help sustain this work.  

  2. Follow us on Instagram (@launchingpeace)

    1. Raise awareness about racial inequality by sharing your own artwork and tagging us. Use our hashtag #WeWillBreathe  

    2. Share or repost our IG posts  

  3. Contribute art to be displayed on the website by emailing us at 

Thank you for spreading the word.  You are helping Launch students contribute to a better world!

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