Inclusive Education at Launch

Launch is committed to providing a program that addresses the individual needs of our diverse students and prepares all students to be independent, resilient, responsible, self-aware thinkers who advocate for and defend their own learning. Because 30% of the students that we serve are part of a special population, Launch teachers use data to differentiate instruction to ensure that all student's needs are met.  

Angelica Otiti, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Angelica Otiti, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

The Inclusive Education Department Chair (IEDC) supports the IEP development process, the implementation of IEPs, progress monitoring, and with delivering high quality professional development with instructional staff.

Watch this interview of 2 of our current Spanish speaking students to find out what they love about Launch.

Multi-lingual students thrive at Launch because of our co-teaching model and our culture of belonging. We create an environment where students can feel comfortable, take risks and practice speaking in English in a safe space.