Supporting All Learners

Launch is committed to providing a program that addresses the individual needs of our diverse students and prepares all students to be independent, resilient, responsible, self-aware thinkers who advocate for and defend their own learning.  Launch teachers use data to differentiate instruction to ensure that all student's needs are met.  

Support Services Team Overview

The Support Services Team (SST) oversees all Special Education services. This includes:

  1. Setting the vision for Special Education at Launch

  2. Ensuring that the 4-week IEP development process is adhered to and accomplished with fidelity, and that IEP meetings take place on time and with strong preparation

  3. Carrying out progress monitoring of IEP goals and reporting to families

  4. Supporting all instructional staff with the implementation of IEPs

  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of special education services and processes throughout the year

Each grade has a representative who manages the IEP development process, implementation of IEPs, and progress monitoring at their grade level. The entire SST works together to set and maintain a clear vision for Special Education, to address needs by planning and leading specific professional development for staff, and to evaluate their work through periodic data collection and reflection.

Services will be provided to students in the following ways:

Who We Serve

  • We serve students with learning disabilities, executive functioning disabilities, and autism.

  • We have 2 Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes per grade level and 2 multi-grade self-contained 12:1:1 classrooms.

  • Nearly 30% of Launch students receive special education services. 

student working

How We Do It

  • Our highly qualified special educators create, adapt, and modify content in order to meet each students’ academic & developmental needs in an engaging and supportive learning environment. They also cultivate a love of learning and a sense of community inside and outside of classrooms.

  • Our related service providers include:  Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and the School Counselor and Social Worker.  They work with students both in the classroom and in small group or 1-on-1 settings. They collaborate regularly with teachers, families, and one another to consistently and effectively deliver services.

  • Students’ academic goals are aligned with their Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and are monitored and adjusted (as needed) quarterly.

  • Our multi-subject students (self-contained 12:1:1 classroom) receive a standards-aligned curriculum that is more closely tailored to each child’s individual learning style. We have both a Humanities and a STEM teacher to split the content.