Special Education Program

Who We Serve

  • We serve students with learning disabilities, executive functioning disabilities, and autism.

  • We have 2 Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes per grade level and 2 multi-grade self-contained 12:1:1 classrooms.

  • Nearly 30% of Launch students receive special education services. 

student working
students reading

How We Do It

  • Our highly qualified special educators create, adapt, and modify content in order to meet each students’ academic & developmental needs in an engaging and supportive learning environment. They also cultivate a love of learning and a sense of community inside and outside of classrooms.

  • Our related service providers include:  Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and the School Counselor and Social Worker.  They work with students both in the classroom and in small group or 1-on-1 settings. They collaborate regularly with teachers, families, and one another to consistently and effectively deliver services.

  • Students’ academic goals are aligned with their Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and are monitored and adjusted (as needed) quarterly.

  • Our multi-subject students (self-contained 12:1:1 classroom) receive a standards-aligned curriculum that is more closely tailored to each child’s individual learning style. We have both a Humanities and a STEM teacher to split the content.