Restorative Justice

Launch practices a restorative justice (RJ) approach to discipline, rooted in community-based process to build, repair and restore relationships. RJ aims to repair the harm so that stakeholders (students/community members) can reflect and consider how their values, beliefs and actions impact their greater community. The goal is to build trust, a sense of belonging and positive relationships – all through Ubuntu, or I am because we are.

We take a holistic view of each student, with their unique talents and experiences as valuable assets. We create the conditions for a trusting and supportive environment with culturally relevant practices to ensure the highest student achievement outcomes and narrow any opportunity gaps for every child we serve. Through this, students will develop their own cultural competence, academic success, and critical consciousness so that they can disrupt inequities in society.

Winsdy Antoine, Restorative Justice Coordinator

Community is the foundation our restorative approach. It helps students and adults gain practice in talking with one another in a respectful and honest way, through the lens of Ubuntu. This work happens through Launch Circle Protocols, Celebrations, Parent Engagement and Crew.

We will face many challenges together, and will draw upon the love and respect we have for one another. As a community, we will learn, grow and heal. With the great cultural enrichment of Launch, we hold various beliefs, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, and races. Our goal as a Launch family is to embrace different beliefs and be supportive. It is with Ubuntu that we come together.