Launch Clubs

Purpose of Clubs

Launch Clubs are an after school opportunity for all students to explore new passions and to create a community where all students feel like they can belong, succeed and make wise choices in community. 

Types of Clubs

Launch offers a wide variety of clubs to make sure that there is something for everyone.  Clubs differ slightly year to year based on student and club leader interest.  

Active Clubs:  Dance, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Tennis, Flag Football, Swimming (with Imagine Swimming)

Career Exploration Clubs: Design, DJ, Hair, Garden, Glam Squad

Specialty Clubs:  African Drumming with Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation, Musical Theater with Brooklyn Children's Theater, Recycle a Bicycle 

Additional Clubs:  Black Student Union, Welcoming Crowd, Launch Ambassador, Lego, Spanish

Launch Clubs