Our Staff

School Leadership Team 

  • Shamikah Kenlock, CoHead of School (Principal)
  • Amanda Leake, CoHead of School (Principal)
  • Brandi Robinson, Assistant Principal (Inclusive Education)
  • Shakur Joseph, Director of Operations
  • Tiayana Logan, Director of Enrichment

Launch School Team 

  • Geoffrey Roehm, Executive Director
  • Alexis Rubin, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Miko Simmons-Jones, Outreach Coordinator
  • Aysha Khan, Special Projects Manager 
  • Camille Schlafer, Director of Finance
  • Richard Tang, Finance Manager
  • Sandy Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Operations Team

  • Shakur Joseph, Director of Operations
  • Zacquille Joseph, IT Manager
  • Jasmine Cardona, Operations Manager
  • Sean Savage, Administration Manager
  • Destiny Valerio, Project Associate 
  • Jahaira Welch, Family Engagement Manager


6th Grade Team

  • Evan Kilgore, Math Teacher
  • Elizabeth Sanchez, ELA Teacher
  • Shamique White, ELA Special Educator
  • Alena RodriguezMath Special Educator
  • Marc Krugielki,  Science Teacher 
  • Alexus Bright, Social Studies General Educator
  • Terrell Trumpet, Science & Social Studies Special Educator

7th Grade Team

  • Camille Hendricks, 7th Grade ELA Special Educator
  • Janee Wright, 7th Grade Science General Educator
  • Kevin McGee, 7th Grade Science General Educator
  • Lily Galvin, 7th Grade ELA General Educator
  • Shakeal Huggins, 7th Grade Math General Educator
  • Tiffany Thompson, 7th Grade Math Special Educator

8th Grade Team

  • Angelica Otiti, 8th Grade Social Studies General Educator
  • Justine Duran, 8th Grade ELA Special Educator
  • Jana Fears, 8th Grade Math General Educator
  • Tywanna Webb,  8th Grade ELA General Educator
  • Matthew Orio, 8th Grade Math Special Educator
  • Stefanie Kelly, 8th Grade Science General Educator
  • Hassatou Diallo, 8th Grade Science & Social Studies Special Educator

Multi-Subject Team

  • Katelyn Connolly, Multi Subject Humanities Educator
  • Lois Kilgore-Muhammad, Multi Subject STEM Educator
  • Christine Derrick, Multi Subject Teaching Assistant
  • Alivette Plascensia, Multi Subject Teaching Assistant

Culture & RJ Team

  • Winsdy Antoine,  Restorative Justice Manager
  • Jahaira Welch, Family Engagement Manager
  • Christine Crowther, Social Worker 
  • Tabitha Karl, Social Worker

Enrichment Team

  • Frank Corbett, Physical Education Teacher
  • Victoria Fields, Music Teacher
  • Emily Alexander, STEAM Instructor