Our Staff

Committed Educators

Launch teachers and staff are committed educators who constantly strive to improve their teaching practice. They care deeply about Launch students and are invested in their success in school and beyond. They engage all students in daily lessons that require critical thinking about complex, worthy ideas, texts, and problems. They connect students to the world beyond school through meaningful fieldwork, expert collaborators, research, and service learning.

School Leadership Team

  • Efrat Kussell, Head of School (Principal)
  • Evan Kilgore, Director of School Culture
  • Allan Madrid, Director of Academics
  • Jhonell Williams, Director of School Operations
  • Brandi Robinson, Director of Special Education


Management Team

  • Geoffrey Roehm, Executive Director
  • Rachel Rocker, Chief Financial Officer
  • Alexis Rubin, Director of External Affairs
  • Lori Riddick,  Principal in Residence


Operations Team

  • Camille Avena, Director of Business Operations
  • Sean Savage, Operations Manager
  • Cristian LaBoy, IT Associate
  • Jasmine Cardona, Operations Associate
  • Miko Simmons-Jones, Outreach Associate

Culture Team

  • Corey Warren, School Counselor
  • Dominique Marshall, Social Worker
  • Danielle Murphy, Culture Associate
  • Winsdy Antoine, Dean
  • Jahaira Welch, Dean
  • Sheryl Davis, Family Engagement Coordinator

6th Grade Team

  • Amanda Leake & Nicole Liuzzo, Reading Teachers
  • Juliet Quigley & Pressly Pratt, Math Teachers
  • Shamique White & Jackson Springer, Social Studies Teachers
  • Joseph Quigley & Justin Ritchie, Writing Teachers
  • Marc Krugielki & Maegan Kae Sunaz, Science Teachers
  • Alicia Poyser, Teaching Associate

7th Grade Team

  • Kayla  Walczyk & Nancy Moemen, Reading Teachers
  • Gabriel Sanchez & Pressly Pratt, Science Teachers
  • Jana Fears & Tiayana Logan, Math Teachers
  • Lily Galvin & Nkenge Walcott, Writing Teachers
  • Lindsay Herz & Asha Haynes, Social Studies Teachers

8th Grade Team

  • Erin Gold & Justine Rosen, Reading Teachers
  • Emily Alexander & Maegan Kae Sunaz, Science Teachers
  • Lizbeth Arias & Michael Wirsching, Math Teachers
  • Olympia Haynes, Writing Teacher
  • Shamikah Nikiema & Jackson Springer, Social Studies Teachers
  • Angelica Otiti, Teaching Associate

Multi-Subject Team

  • Emily Travis, Humanities Teacher
  • Lois Kilgore-Muhammad, STEM Teacher
  • Joseph Charles, Teaching Associate
  • Christine Derrick, Teaching Associate

Specialist Team

  • Kerene Williams, Reading Intervention Teacher
  • Zahava Mandelbaum, ELL Intervention Teacher
  • Basil Leslie, Physical Education Teacher
  • Leanne Warner, Digital Media Teacher
  • Tiana Scott, Digital Media Teacher