Our Families

Family Engagement

At Launch, families are our partners and vital participants in their children’s achievement.  In order to serve our students, we get to know the needs of the community and share resources to help families navigate through challenges that affect student success.  We cultivate a sense of belonging, mutual trust, open communication, and collaboration around our shared goals for students.

Get Involved

There are many different ways to participate in your child’s education and contribute to the Launch community. Whether you have lots of time to offer or just a few hours, there are possibilities that accommodate a wide range of schedules and interests.  

  • Join the Parent Association and/or attend a meeting or a parent circle:
  • Volunteer in the main office
  • Join collaborative meetings to help make Launch policy decisions 
  • Attend celebrations of learning throughout the year 
  • Participate in a family workshop or webinar
  • Chaperone a field trip

Have an idea that’s not listed above? Let us know! Contact our main office and ask for Ms. Welch, our Family Engagement Manager

Family Spotlight

NYC Family Survey Results

Launch Families are extremely positive about their experience at Launch.  All of the statistics for Launch on the annual school survey surpass the city average.

  • 95% of families say that they are greeted warmly when they call or visit their school.

  • 95% of families feel that the principal works to create a sense of community in the school.

  • 93% of families say that they feel well-informed by the communications they receive from their school.

  • 91% of families say that school staff regularly communicate with them about how families can help their child learn.