Our Alumni

Launch Alumni are College Bound

Our mission at Launch is to support student success in college and career.  We stay in touch with our alumni and offer programming to support them on the path to and through college.  Our alumni consistently report that they feel prepared for high school and they are very engaged in their high school communities.  

Meet Our Alumni

picture of kelon alumni

Meet Kelon

I am a Junior at Benjamin Banneker High School. I'm on the track team and I actually did my first race yesterday. My favorite subject is algebra and I also love art because I get to be creative. Launch prepared me to be consistent with homework and do well on tests in high school. When I got to high school I felt comfortable making friends and getting to know my teachers. I know these relationships will help me succeed.

picture of sadiqah alumni

Meet Sadiqah

I am a Junior at Cristo Rey Brooklyn high school. I am also part of the Girls Hope weekday boarding program. At school I am a member of the comedy club, the step team and several community service groups.  I am about to do a semester abroad at the Island School in the Bahamas.  Launch paved the ways for me in so many different ways, I am still discovering new ways all of the time. First, I feel confident in all of my classes. Each class I go to, I realize that Launch laid a foundation and now I am getting all As. Kids around me are struggling and it makes me feel grateful to teachers at Launch for making the work rigorous.

picture of dwayne alumni

Meet Dwayne

I am a senior at Harvest Collegiate.  I love my biology class and playing in the band.  When I think back to Launch two things stand out.  First, the 6th grade camping trip. We had so much fun and I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone.  Second, as a student ambassador I developed public speaking skills because I was given so many chances to present, perform and host guests.  

picture of ferima alumni

Meet Ferima

I am a senior at Stoneleigh Burnham boarding school in Western Massachusetts and I was just accepted to my first choice college with a scholarship. Launch is the reason I am successful today.  I was born on the Ivory Coast of Africa and came to New York to escape the civil war.  I didn’t speak English.  I was bullied at my previous school and when I came to Launch I felt like I was at home.  Teachers cared about me.  I made friends.  I was encouraged to take risks and try hard.  I started doing very well in school.  Launch continues to stay in touch and support me, it's like my second family.  

picture of isaiah alumni

Meet Isaiah

I am a Junior at STAR Academy at Erasmus.  Launch prepared me in multiple ways.  Most of all they taught me that I can achieve the high goals that I set for myself.  I use the Habits of Heart and Mind every day. If I say I want to get above a 90 in one of my classes, I know I am able to.  I just use my perseverance to keep my eye on the goal and my craftsmanship to make sure my work is diligently completed.  

picture of nickky alumni

Meet Nickky

I am a Senior at the NYC iSchool in Manhattan. I started the Black Students Union at my school and I am the president. I love math and history especially when it’s engaging. Launch created a safe space for me to find out about who I am as a person. I had teachers and staff members who cared about me so much and their advice and support has guided me throughout high school.

picture of rohan alumni

Meet Rohan

I am a Junior at P-Tech.  I am in the robotics club and we are building a robot for a competition.  I love ELA because my 8th grade teachers at Launch broke down the topics so well that it all makes sense in high school.  I am also grateful to Launch for crew because it helped me prepare life after Launch. Crew was a space where I could focus on growing up as a person.

Meet Diamond

I am a Junior at Brooklyn Collaborative.  I am a member of the student council where we focus on being change makers.  I am also a part of YO SOS Brooklyn where we learn to advocate for issues we care about.  At Launch I learned to stand up for issues I care about, that I can make an impact on my community and on the world.  I am excited that my little sister will join the Launch 6th grade class in 2021!  

Meet Zaire

I am a Senior at Medgar Evers High School.  In high school I play football.  I also love math and global history.  I am a musician and play the piano at school, I have been playing for a long time.  My teachers at Launch taught me to always ask for help.  It's great advice.  In high school I take advantage of the extra help my teachers give me and they always offer great feedback.  

Meet Daniel

I play basketball at Cristo Rey Brooklyn.  Launch taught me how to be a student athlete thanks to Ms. Otiti and Ms. Logan!  At first, I thought it was all about basketball, but now I know it's all about my grades.  Books come before ball.  My favorite class in high school is biology.  I try to make myself stand out by focusing on my studies.  I go for office hours and try to keep my grades as high as possible.  At the end of the day, I am a student athlete and that's how I want to be known.  Launch is special community that never gives up on you.  I love giving back by attending high school seminars and volunteering.