Who We Are Looking For

The ideal candidate will believe:

  • All students can achieve at high levels
  • Families are essential partners

  • Ongoing feedback strengthens performance and outcomes

Launch’s vision of success is to operate schools where every child and every family is known well and cared for, and every student develops both their intellect and their character in order to achieve more than they thought possible. Launch’s mission is to prepare students to thrive in college and careers by providing a public education rooted in active learning experiences and powerful character development.

Integrity &

Always works to do what is best and right for our community. Inspires confidence in others through consistent honesty and care.

Kindness &

Make others feel like they belong through demonstrating empathy and care.

& Spirit

Demonstrates and unyielding belief that we can accomplish our goals.

Dedication &

Uses each minute to support our mission and reflects on actions with a focus on continuous improvement.