Welcome New Families

Congratulations! Your child has been accepted for middle school at Launch Charter School for the 2021-22 school year. We are excited to welcome you and your family into the Launch community!

At Launch, we are guided by two strong beliefs:

We are crew” is a sentiment and a belief that guides all of the work we do at Launch. Everyone on our crew- teachers, staff, students and families - has a voice and role to play in creating a joyful school where all children learn and achieve.

Ubuntu - is the African notion that I am because we are. In the Launch community, we believe that we are all connected and that we all achieve more together. Therefore, our school is only as strong as our family partnerships.

Please join us on Saturday, April 10th at 10:00am for Learn About Launch, a special event for new families to learn about how "we are crew" and "Ubuntu" guide us at Launch.  Check out our Upcoming Events page for more details and for the link to register.  

Welcome from

Our Principal, Efrat Kussell

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At Launch We Serve All Students

We have an outstanding Special Education program including the following settings and services:

  • 2 Integrated co-taught classes at each grade level
  • 2 self-contained 12:1:1 classes 
  • 3 in house counselors and social workers
  • Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and additional related services 

All students with IEPs at Launch receive 100% their required related services and meet their IEP goals.

Welcome from

Our Director of Special Education, Brandi Robinson


Welcome from

Our Launch Parent Engagement Coordinator, Sheryl Davis

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Welcome from

Some of our Launch Ambassadors, Tyriek Walker and Janier Espinal

Un video en español del embajador estudiantil, Janier. Bienvenidos a todas nuestras familias que habla español.


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