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Your child has been accepted for middle school at Launch Charter School for the 2022-23 school year. We are excited to welcome you and your family into the Launch community!

A Day in the Life at Launch

Watch this video to learn more about the academic program and culture at Launch!

At Launch, we are guided by two strong beliefs

We are crew” is a sentiment and a belief that guides all of the work we do at Launch.

Everyone on our crew- teachers, staff, students and families - has a voice and role to play in creating a joyful school where all children learn and achieve.

Ubuntu - is the African notion that I am because we are.

In the Launch community, we believe that we are all connected and that we all achieve more together. Therefore, our school is only as strong as our family partnerships.

Welcome Letter

Read the letter from co-principals Shamikah Kenlock and Amanda Leake!

First page of the PDF file: Letter-Co-Principal-030722-v3a-Digital

Welcome Letter

Read the welcome letter from Sheryl, Marcia, and Miko!

First page of the PDF file: Letter-miko-sheryl-marcia-030722-v4a-Digital




Better World Day

Launch Crew Video

Launch Virtual Tour 

Hear from Amanda Leake, Co-Principal

Hear from Shamikah Kenlock, Co-Principal

Hear from Sheryl Davis, Family Engagement Coordinator

Hear from Winsdy Antoine, Restorative Justice Coordinator

Hear from Corey Warren, School Counselor

Hear from Dominique Marshall, Social Worker

Hear from Tywanna Webb, Math ICT Teacher & Jana Fears, Math Teacher

Hear from Angelica Otiti, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Hear from Aliyes Plasencia, After School Director 

Un mensaje in español por Lesley & Janier

Hear From Shakur Joseph, Director of Operations


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