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At Launch, we are committed to serving all students in our community through the thoughtful implementation of EL Education Core Practices as well as our partnership with NYC Outward Bound Schools. Our students have the opportunity to learn with purpose, develop their character, and unleash their potential through compelling hands-on learning and a deep sense of belonging and personal agency.

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Student Achievement


We believe that when students are done with school and enter adult life, they will be judged not by performance on tests of basic skills, but by the quality of their work and the quality of their character.  As an EL Education school, we are committed to developing the whole child by supporting growth across three dimensions of student achievement: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, High-Quality Work, and Character.

Mastery of Knowledge and Skills

Our instruction leads to deep understanding and critical thinking across all content areas. We engage students in rigorous, meaningful projects aligned to the state standards.

Character Development

We prioritize social-emotional learning to foster a community of ethical people who treat each other well and stand up for what is right. 

High Quality Work

Our students create complex, beautiful, and authentic work that impacts the broader community by honoring the history, reflecting the present, and imagining the future of Brooklyn.

What does it mean to be an EL School?

The EL Education model, founded in 1991, is being implemented today in over 150 district, charter and independent schools across the country. EL classrooms are student centered: learning occurs through play, discovery, exploration and collaboration on meaningful, rigorous projects. The EL approach drives students to become active contributors to building a better world. 

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NYC Outward Bound Schools

NYC Outward Bound Schools operates a network of public schools in partnership with the NYC Department of Education.  These schools have adopted EL Education's whole-school model and feature leadership and character-building programming for students.   Launch is the only charter school in the network.  NYC Outward Bound Schools supports Launch in implementing the EL Education Core Practices at the highest level and brings elements of adventure and team building to our staff and students.

NYC Outward Bound Schools