Habits of Heart and Mind

At Launch, we believe that “quality work and character are the keys to a successful life.” The Launch Habits of Heart and Mind encompass the values that cultivate quality work and empathic character in students, and support lives of choice, personal agency, service, and achievement.

Integrity & Stewardship
  • I am a committed citizen.

  • I am able to determine the right way forward in any situation.

  • I protect the rights of others.

  • I take care of the Earth’s resources.

Kindness & Collaboration
  • I am a caring and collaborative team member.  
  • I am aware of how my actions impact others.

  • I value others’ viewpoints.

  • I work to achieve the group’s goals.

Imagination & Spirit
  • I am a storyteller and a dreamer.

  • I bring ideas to life.

  • I identify new and innovative solutions to complex challenges.  

  • I honor Brooklyn’s history, reflect its present, and create its future.

Dedication & Practice
  • I am the leader of my learning. 

  • I set learning goals, evaluate my progress and change course as needed.

  • I use failures, setbacks, and successes as opportunities for feedback and growth.

  • I take great care to produce high quality work.