Supporting All Learners

Launch’s commitment to vulnerable populations of all kinds is at the core of our work and permeates all school-wide goals, policies, and values. This will continue with our remote-hybrid learning program. We will continue to provide a program which addresses the individual needs of our diverse students and prepares students to be independent, resilient, responsible, self-aware thinkers who advocate for and defend their own learning. Utilizing our remote-hybrid learning model, our highly qualified special educators will create, adapt, and modify content in order to meet each students’ academic & developmental needs in an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Services will be provided to students in the following ways

Processing Trauma and Building Community

Launch recognizes the very real and very present socio-emotional ramifications for staff, students, and families, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent monthslong quarantine. Many in our community have experienced the loss of family and community members, as well as had personal experiences with the virus itself. The trauma of those experiences, coupled with the isolation of being quarantined for a long period of time, has taken a toll on the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of many. As a result, our school has planned out how we will support ALL members of our community during our period of hybrid and remote learning. 

Support During the First 2 Weeks of School for Students
During the first 2 Weeks of School the Counseling Team will host Pod Groups (Virtually).  This time will be spent introducing students to the elements of circles and building connections. 


  1. Building Connections & Gathering Data 
  2. Holding Pod “Circles” Hosted through Google Meet 


  • Complete Needs Assessment/Intake Survey 
  • Team Building
  • Getting to know you 
  • Processing what has happened: Introduction
  • Recognizing what others need: Compassion 

Week 1: 

  • D1: Introduction + Who we are as a Launch community and what our intentions are for the year
  • D2: Freedom to Feel: Identifying Strengths  
  • D3:  Complete Student Intake/Needs Assessment
  • D4: Quarantine Scavenger Hunt: Practice Feelings Expression

Week 2: 

  • D1: Why we Gather in Circles/Ubuntu & Elements of a Circle
  • D2: Discussing how we cope: Building a ToolKit  
  • D3: Compassion: Listening to others stories
    • Remember community members lost
    • The story of My life
    • One Movie or moment that resonates with your life. 
  • D4: What we need; Creating Visual of Community Needs: Word Cloud