Social Emotional Learning

Launch is a school committed to the social emotional learning and support of every child. 
In the EL Education model, students’ character development is equally as important as producing high-quality work and mastering knowledge and skills. Throughout their educational journey, students are working to become effective learners, ethical people, and contributors to a better world. (EL Education CP 22: Fostering Habits of Character).

Celebration We also know that in order for school to be a truly joyful experience for our students, we need to recognize each child for their assets and celebrate their progress, growth, unique talents, abilities and achievements. Our Culture Coordinator, in partnership with our grade level teams will be responsible for creating opportunities for our students to be celebrated and acknowledged for their strengths and progress in all three dimensions of student achievement: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills,  Character, and High-Quality Work

Through structures like virtual community meetings, virtual cultural events and celebrations, virtual games, dances and award ceremonies we will ensure that every student is recognized and honored for their unique gifts, growth and contributions to the Launch community.

Restorative Practices 

Our Restorative Practices Team led by our Restorative Practices Coordinator will be working with our Director of Crew and members of our teaching staff,  to create a circles structure where all students at Launch have the opportunity to build relationships, community and a sense of belonging. 

What are Circles?
A circle is a versatile restorative practice that can be used proactively, to develop relationships and build community or reactively, to respond to wrongdoing, conflicts and problems. Circles give people an opportunity to speak and listen to one another in an atmosphere of safety, decorum and equality.

Circles at Launch
For students who are learning in the building each day:  Every student will participate in a daily circle with his or her learning pod. This circle will be led by a highly-qualified member of our Restorative Practices Team and will support students in building up their comfort to open up and share with peers as they reenter the classroom environment. 

For students who are learning remotely: Students will participate in three forty-minute sessions each week to continue building community and a sense of belonging in their remote learning environment.  They will explore themes of community, belonging and trust. In the last session each week, we will build in time for students to take their weekly survey.

Ongoing Socio-Emotional/Mental Health Support for Students The supports for students throughout the school year will include:

  • Advisory Circles w/Social Emotional Learning component 
  • Needs Assessment (Pre/Post Assessment) 
  • Rotating Small Groups 6-8 weeks (facilitated by Social Work Interns)
  • CPI Crisis Model for De-escalation 

For students requiring additional targeted support:

  • Anxiety, Coping with Change,Grief, Night Time Routines etc 
  • Use of Visual Aids for psychoeducation 
  • Creation of Calming Space in each classroom
  • Promoting Mind/Body breaks in classrooms 
  • Mindful Mondays (First 10 minutes silent for Inspiration Videos/Meditation)
  • Music Therapy at Arrival Tuesday - Friday
  • Counseling Based Web page with Resources