The Launch Remote-Hybrid Model

To the Launch Community: 

We all face continued uncertainty and challenge during a pandemic that has changed our lives.  At Launch, we are working to reimagine school for our current world, with safety and equity at the heart.
We know that in the absence of a vaccine, the coronavirus will continue to persist across the country and around the globe.  Plans to reopen schools in a modified version of what they looked like in the past do not fully take into account the serious nature of the persistence of the virus.  Neither does it work to meaningfully address the inequities that have long persisted in education, and have only been exacerbated during the pandemic.  Families and students need schools more than ever.  But they do not need schools to continue practices that were designed for a different world than the one in which we currently live, and that were often not effective anyway.  They need schools to design educational and social-emotional supports for the current world and to meet the current challenges.
At Launch, we are working to open the 2020-2021 school year in a model that recognizes that the virus continues to spread, disproportionately affecting communities of color, while also working to ensure that all students are receiving the highest quality education in the manner that can best meet their needs while the virus persists.
As such, Launch will open the 2020-2021 school year in a remote-hybrid model.  The critical features of this plan, which are explained in further detail below, are as follows:

  • Almost all students will take their classes remotely, by attending full-day, synchronous lessons online.
  • Any family that needs it (because of work or other needs), will be able to send their child to the school building or other alternative sites to be supervised for the day while they log into their remote, synchronous classes at a personal learning station.  Students who come to school or an alternative site for supervision will be in small groups, wear masks, and be socially distanced, amongst other safety practices.
  • In-person meetings will be held once per week for all students in a grade level to engage in outdoor activities focused on small-group, social-emotional learning, physical education and fun.
  • Extensive after school clubs will be available, both in-person and remotely, for any student who wishes to join.  In-person offerings will be small-group and held outside.

In this remote-hybrid model, the school is working thoughtfully to meet the individual needs of students, families and staff members.  We see this model as satisfying four critical goals for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Ensure Health and Safety
  • Ensure Social-Emotional and Family Supports
  • Ensure Continuity of Learning
  • Ensure Quality of Education


Goals in Details