Faculty & Staff

Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School

2016 - 2017 School Year Staff


Administrative & Office Staff

Geoffrey Roehm, Principal

Evan Kilgore, Assistant Principal

Efrat Kussell, Assistant Principal

Alexis Rubin, Director of Outreach and EL Supports

Camille Avena, Director of Operations

Sean Savage, Operations Associate

Cristian Laboy, Operations Associate

Rachel Rocker, Director of Finance

Jhonell Williams, Finance Associate

Anthony Lowe, Special Education Manager

Culture Team

Brandi Robinson, Social Worker

Corey Warren, Counselor

Winsdy Antoine, Dean

Jaharia Welch, Culture Associate


6th Grade Team

Vicky Rodriguez & Asha Haynes, Math

Rachel Ignacio & Kaleel Watkins, Writing

Nicole Liuzzo & Amanda Leake, Reading

Marc Krugielki & Danielle Murphy & Emily Travis, Science

Imani Cozier & Danielle Murphy & Emily Travis , Social Studies

7th Grade Team

Michael Wirsching & Lois Kilgore-Muhammad, Math

Lily Gavin & Justin Ritchie, Reading

Tatiana Matthews & Jil Jancuska, Writing

Judy Forbin & Lindsay Herz, Science

Shamikah Kenlock & Lindsay Herz, Social Studies


8th Grade Team

Lizbeth Arias & Joseph Charles, Math

Justine Rosen & Erin Gold, Reading 

David Blais & Olympia Haynes, Writing

Emily Alexander & Ai Ogata-Arias & Kerene Williams, Science

Celeste Pinkston & Ai Ogata-Arias & Kerene Williams, Social Studies

Multi-Subject Team

Tim Jalbert, Humanities

Daniela Ruvinsky, STEM

Chaz Colson & Christine Derrick, MS Teaching Associates

Jeff Toback, SETTS


Electives & Enrichment

Tiana Scott, Digital Media 6-7

Andre Accoo, Digital Media 7-8

Basil Leslie, Physical Education


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