About Us

Welcome to Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School!

Who we are...

  • Launch is a school that is committed to closing the achievement gap for some of NYC’s most underserved students[1].
  • Launch is a proud member of the NYC Outward Bound Schools (NYCOBS) network, and believes in EL Education as an approach that supports student growth and achievement.  Launch partners with NYCOBS to actively implement the EL Education Core Practices and supports students in achieving the EL Education dimensions of student achievement: mastery of knowledge and skills, building strong character, and producing high quality work.
  • Launch is a school imbued with a powerful culture of literacy.  We believe that the potential, the effectiveness, and the long-reaching impact of our academic program rests upon our approach to literacy instruction.
  • Launch is a school that serves a significant percentage of students with disabilities, and supports them on a path to college and career success[2]

[1] “Underserved students” defined in the following categories:  Students with Disabilities, Economically Disadvantaged Students, English Language Learners

[2] Launch will recruit students and build its program to serve equal to or greater than the percentage of students with disabilities served by the district

What we value...

At Launch, we believe that “quality work and character are the keys to a successful life.”[1] The Launch Habits of Heart and Mind encompass the values that support quality work and character in students, and support lives of choice, service, and achievement.  The six Launch Habits are:


We are inclusive of others and respect our differences.  We seek to understand how others are feeling.  We care about others and strive to help those in need.



We strive always toward the highest possible quality.  We make plans and aren’t discouraged by mistakes. We know our learning is never done and we continually work to improve



We are curious.  We inquire to better understand our world.  We take supported risks to expand our experiences.



We take ownership of our choices and actions.  We consider the effect of our decisions on ourselves and others.  We support individual and group success.



We are present and engaged in the moment.  We are aware of what we are thinking, doing, seeing, learning and feeling.  We explore how our experiences and habits shape our choices and others’.



We value growth and see failure as a necessary step toward success.  We show stamina by persisting through a task for an extended period.  We attempt multiple strategies to solve problems and maintain a positive attitude when challenged.


[1] Berger, Ron. Learning Deeply. Education Week Blog, August 2014

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