7th Grade Gun Violence Expedition

Each spring in the 7th grade at Launch, we embark on an expedition centered around the issue of gun violence. In four of their classes, students work towards answering this question:


What can we do to address the issue of gun violence in our nation and community?

In Science, they look at gun violence from a public health perspective. In Reading, they read Chasing Lincoln’s Killer and Give a Boy a Gun—two books about shooters that allow them to think about the motives and psychology behind these acts of gun violence. In Digital Media, students create anti-gun-violence posters. In Social Studies, students learn about the Bill of Rights broadly then dive into the 2nd Amendment more deeply. Then, students consider a variety of perspectives on guns laws in America and write about their views on an interactive blog.  And in Writing, students explore how hip-hop culture originated and continues to serve as an antidote to gun violence, create their own anti-violence songs and poems, and workshop with spoken word artists from Urban Word NYC. Finally, students write a “call to action” persuasive essay on how to solve the problem of gun violence. The unit will culminate in Launch’s Walk to End Gun Violence, during which students will engage their community in an anti-gun-violence demonstration through various performances.


Student Blogs (organized by class):

NYU & Syracuse University 

Southern University 

University of Virginia 


Launch’s Walk to End Gun Violence

On Friday, June 9th, the Launch community will make their voices heard. At 10:30am, every 7th grader scholar will put their pencils down, grab their signs, line up single file, and take the streets. As we march from Launch to the Restoration Plaza Amphitheatre, Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy will hear us chanting and spreading a message of nonviolence. When we reach the amphitheater, our Student Body President will take the megaphone first, followed by Launch’s talented MCs, epidemiologists, writers, and other speakers. This is a community event, which includes Launch’s extended family: community organizations, families and friends of students and staff, and other community members who agree that this unnecessary violence needs to stop! Join us, as we make Launch history by leading our first ever Walk to End Gun Violence!



Launch’s Walk to End Gun Violence on Friday, June 9th at 10am

Meet at Launch (1580 Dean St) in the auditorium
Begin marching at 10:20am
Speakers from 11:00-11:45 at Restoration Plaza (1368 Fulton St)
The amphitheater is inside the complex and open to the public


Please email lherz@launchschool.org if you have questions about Launch’s Walk to End Gun Violence or would like to partner in any way!

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